CRCR is a collective of students of the Gobelins School in Paris, consisting of: Paul Lacolley, Kevin Manach, Olivier Kreis, Baptiste Colleu, Jeremy Pires, Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Pegon and Nicolas Dehghani. Three of them (Rémi, Jonathan and Nicolas P with Clement Desnos and Jean Baptiste Cumont) have already directed an animated short film JESUS 2000 during their work placement at WIZZdesign° which won the Webcompetition HAFFtube in 2009. They still evolve with Todor & Petru, which attracts huge attention and this year they have directed their first tv ad for NIKE which is broadcast in China.

Cartoon Network



A fun song about children’s aspirations and thoughts on “when I grow up” anchors this colourful and charming animation. Using advanced cell and 2d techniques, this crazy fast-paced spot is sure to put a smile on your face.



Music Videos

CRCR are currently making a name for themselves as the most innovative and technically skilled young animators in the industry. Observing a set of traditional principals that are augmented with current technology, they have created a timeless world full of symbolism and emotion that is frankly staggering in it’s complexity and design.


Music Unleashed


CRCR are so flexible in terms of illustrative style, and so inventive in the ways that they use animation to achieve the impossible, that they never cease to seem fresh. This spot is a case in point.

Short Film

Todor and Petru

Music Videos

A stunning and impactful piece of mixed media. Using live action, photography and animation, this video has bold, explosive and appellative graphics with a humorous touch as we follow two characters in a bleak and urban environment. The animation style harks back to Manga and anime in its eruptive motion and styling. This piece has received huge acclaim, and rightly so.



Music Videos

If you’ve ever wondered what the passage from life to death might look like, this new promo for Lorn by our powerhouse collective CRCR will give you a scarily close look at the transformation we all go through at some point. An excellently animated cell video that gives us all THE FEAR.




CRCR have the best taste in design and colour – combine that with a surreal and psychedelic conveying of movement, super inventive transitions between scenes and a quirky sense of humour… well, we could be looking at an instant classic.

Annecy 2010



In this stunning opener for the Annecy festival we find ourselves in an ethereally lit and wonderfully grainy textured junkyard. A carefully selected palette of colours adds to the feel of this cluttered landscape in which we find a seemingly destructive character smashing at debris with a baseball bat to awaken a geometric window that leads us to the festival. Mercurial animation from the character himself through to the awakening dancing shards and shapes that emanate from his punishing blows.


Break The Law of Silence


CRCR’s ability to convey moments of action and power are put to task for this spot that deals with some really strong and difficult themes. The combination of moving image and animation is used to great effect, and appropriate so that the portrayal of more visceral scenes is palatable but no less impactful.

Adidas x Footlocker

Get Your Cool On

Live Action

Demonstrating an ability to work with live action and post, they’ve expanded on their approach to the seminal and much lauded ‘Todor & Petru’ with a commercial for Adidas that combines a very every day scenario with the overtly surreal, merging slick execution and some fantastic effects.