Tim & Joe


Tim met Joe who also met Tim at a film festival where neither were showing their own films. They shared a desire to make music videos which they have subsequently fulfilled working with such luminaries as Professor Green, The Black Lips and New Look - the latter awarded video of the year by MTV Iggy. Still unsure what MTV Iggy is, they have continued their collaboration, recently creating a highly successful commercial for Diesel involving dogs wearing sunglasses. Having now completed shoots involving babies, dogs, a cat and an ostrich, Tim & Joe are currently open to offers, the wilder the better.




Kaleidoscopic colour and bubbles abound in this new spot directed by Tim & Joe for W+K Amsterdam to showcase P&G’s Camay brand of soap, featuring Chinese superstar Momo Wu.

Diesel Eyewear

SS 2012

In a wonderful contrast, Tim & Joe have taken the classic beauty shoot and changed the cast from beautiful models… to dogs. Don’t take that the wrong way, the dogs are beautiful too! All the classic techniques, flair and style of a high end fashion film are juxtaposed with great skill and humour.

Duke Dumont

Won’t Look Back

Music Videos

A heist happens in LA, the setup and scenario are so familiar. We know the trope, we know that this can end one of two ways. Or will it? In a challenge to the classic Hollywood clichés, for 4 minutes you’re taken on a wild chase like you’ve never seen before. On pogo sticks….

Riva Starr feat. Noze

I was Drunk

Music Videos

Some pretty nifty compositing and angle-matching in this promo, with a touch of the surreal that takes the shape of a moustache.

Primary 1

Never Know

Music Videos

A set of amazing vignettes that revolve around aesthetic ideas mirroring the lyrics of the song, awash with colour and vibrancy. Some great technical ideas and perfect execution wrap this up as something remarkable.

New Look

Nap On The Bow

Music Videos

Using emerging technology can be fraught with issues, especially when for the most part that technology is used on an interactive basis. The Kinect depth mapping data is a great example of this, and instead of allowing the user to monkey with the scene, Tim & Joe have used the data to create a highly aesthetic work of art.


Let’s Get Together

Music Videos

Cinematic, atmospheric and moody, this promo is rich and dripping with style and filmic techniques. Uncoated lens flares, some strong vignettes and some clever and well-placed VFX demonstrate the duo’s capacity for conveying narrative ideas with style.

Professor Green

At your Inconvenience

Music Videos

We’re introduced to this film with a conversation taking place between the artist and himself, setting us up for a brilliantly filmic and art directed set of scenes that illustrates Professor Green’s hangups with the record industry.

Petite Noir


Music Videos

Young love. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’re lucky enough to be left with memories of riotous nights in clubs, arcades and bowling alleys you’ve done well. A mix of different types of light and location make this feel real and familiar, whilst at the same time like you’re looking into their lives like a fly on the wall.


Run Dry

Music Videos

In what seems like a dystopian future over-run with a Lord of the Flies-style gang of snappily-dressed feral children, members of Sizzar traverse the occupied interzone on a path to the outside. Shot on location, the weather and resulting light make it seem all the more dreamlike


See The Light

Music Videos

Lead singer of Life, Mike Sharp, is tied up and the recipient of many a punch to the face by some very clandestine characters in this promo for their single – some really excellent lighting, a brilliantly simple concept and perfectly planned execution make this a very neat bit of work.