Tim Erem


Tim is a young, visionary Director with a knack for creating visually arresting music videos with stylised environments and eccentric characters. Having already worked with some of the biggest electro-pop artists of Sweden, such as Robyn, Dirty South & Alesso and Elliphant to name a few, he's destined for a great future in the music video world.


Down on Life

Music Videos

The formidable confidence and presence of Elliphant and the two accompanying girls works playfully with the starkness of each scene, which have a very graphic and iconic feel in this promo that seems to have a beautifully raw feminine power.

Mø feat. Diplo

XXX 88

Music Videos

MØ rides a møped in the desert during a dream sequence in this fun promo for her new track which is Diplo produced. Tim Erem adds his trademarks to it with some wide open spaces and clever art direction, elevating the visuals and cleverly underlining the artist’s styling and general vibe.

Savage Skulls ft. Robyn

Bad Gal

Music Videos

A 60′s grade, a car chase and some very schlocky and fun in-car sequences frame this quirky promo that features Skandi poplet Robyn.

Mando Diao

Black Saturday

Music Videos

Exotic doesn’t really do the subject of this video justice. It’s far out, a really alien idea that you just couldn’t imagine being a thing in the UK. Picking up on all the details and filling the night with incandescent light, this is pure spectacle from Tim Erem.

Keith & Supabeatz

The Most Beautiful

Music Videos

A 70′s throwback manchild who appears to live with his dad indulges in his penchant for rollerblading in a Scandinavian suburb. What follows is the unexpected appearance of another cleverly contrasting character who catches our guys attention…

St John's Dance ft. Dr Alban


Music Videos

In a lawless jungle scene littered with gnarly looking guys holding albino pythons, we find the man himself, Dr Alban, holding court from a golden throne. Lets just say if you were dropped in there you’d probably need a beret and some aviators to just avoid being pulped.

Marcus Price & Carli


Music Videos

Swapping out scantily clad girls for overweight tourists, convertibles for caravans and the glamour LA for a sleepy beach in Nice… and daggering beauties with a skinny Skandinavian dude. Stick with it because the final minute and a half are just unadulterated genius.