Andre Chocron

André Chocron grew up thinking he would become a musician, but when he realized he had forgotten to learn how to play an instrument, he decided to be a filmmaker instead.  Focusing on original, conceptual ideas, he uses the camera as his musical instrument. He often combines techniques such as stop motion, simple VFX, time lapse or slow motion with in-camera effects to achieve a certain visual expression. His films have reached millions of viewers online, and featured in blogs and magazines such as Stereogum, Boing Boing, Huffington Post and Gizmodo.

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London Grammar


Something You Do

Cold Mailman

'Something You Do'


Islamic Relief


My Recurring Dream

Cold Mailman

'My Recurring Dream'

If Only As A Ghost

Jonas Alaska

'If Only As A Ghost'

I Spy

Mikhael Paskalev

'I Spy'

Separation Blues

Real Ones

'Separation Blues '


Paul McCartney