Lucrecia Taormina

UKMVA Winner - only solo female director of the year - Lucrecia, from Buenos Aires, studied photography in London where she developed her love for moving image.  Her bold and entertaining narratives with a hyper - real aesthetic, iconic styling and strong characters have been the centre pieces of her filmmaking. Her work has already been widely recognised in the commercial and music world with Kinsale Shark, 1.4 and UKMVA Awards, as well as recognition at the Cannes YDAs, and Ciclope.

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Locked Down and Out

LGBT Foundation

'Locked Down and Out '


Bree Runway ft Missy Elliott


Personal Shopper

Steven Wilson

'Personal Shopper'


Ashnikko Ft. Yung Baby Tate


Hi, It's Me


'Hi, It’s Me'

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