Mimi Cave

Mimi is a director and dancer based in SF & LA. In college, she studied writing and dance, eventually discovering the freedom of the camera, making dance films, shorts, multimedia performance pieces, and documentaries. Now, she’s known for her playful art & movement direction, her surreal portrayals of emotion, and her ability to blend whimsy with boldness. Her work has been called “totally adorable with a potent message, having a kaleidoscopic aesthetic and rhythmic energy” and has premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, the San Francisco International Film Festival, the Silhouette Film Festival, Napolidanza, SF Dance Film Festival, Dance On Camera, and aired on PBS.

Try New Things

Vitamin Water

'Try New Things'

When It Rain

Danny Brown

'When It Rain'


Tune Yards


Turn it Around


'Turn it Around'


Magic Man


My Country


'My Country'