Rafael Lopez

Rafa is an Argentinian-born director.  His work has been recognized at festivals worldwide: Cannes, Clio, New York Festival among many others. His work is very much based on great performances. An aspiring actor himself, he studied with several great masters back in his home town, which gave him a love for the craft. Willing to open his views of the world and improve his storytelling abilities he left Argentina and lived in London for several years and is now in Madrid (for the moment). He is always searching for new and exciting ways to tell stories that are new and fresh. He has worked with major brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Lynx, Burger King, MTV.

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Captain Ice


'Captain Ice '

Yours, Until Opened

Don Satur

'Yours, Until Opened '

That was Easy


'That was Easy'

The Sun Always Shines On TV

The Sun

'The Sun Always Shines On TV'




Tom Selleck


'Tom Selleck'


Ready Brek


Sweeter Than You Think


'Sweeter Than You Think'

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