Latest Work

Jessie Ware | Tough Love


BRTHR use their distinctive aesthetic techniques to create slow burning, colourful imagery that takes us into a beautiful journey through a dreamscape of broken hearts.

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Vodafone | Ireland

By Andre Chocron

Filled with all the usual suspects you’d hope/expect to see at a festival, this spot filmed in one sweeping shot encapsulates that party vibe perfectly.

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Arctic Monkeys | Snap out of it

By Focus Creeps

Focus Creeps have once again collaborated with the Arctic Monkeys on the video for “Snap Out of It”. Tears and obsession are disconcertingly realised.

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Tourism Ireland | Wild Atlantic Way

By Georgi Banks-Davies

The biggest impression you’re left with after watching this ad is the sense of space, which appears as a recurring visual theme. It’s a beautiful postcard of an experience which feels real due to the road-trip approach to the shoot – it really was of the moment.

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Paul McCartney | Appreciate

By Andre Chocron

In the future, human life and the workings of it are just a memory – to the extent that a Museum of Man is built to offer a window on what it was like. A lonely robot (puppeteered by the folks behind ‘War Horse’) traverses the exhibit and is in for a surprise…

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Camay | Camayzing

By Tim & Joe

Kaleidoscopic colour and bubbles abound in this new spot directed by Tim & Joe for W+K Amsterdam to showcase P&G’s Camay brand of soap, featuring Chinese superstar Momo Wu.

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Nike | Ungrounded Obsession

By Sarah Chatfield

We’re delighted to announce that Sarah Chatfield has now joined FRIEND. Sarah has a creatively diverse and visually stunning portfolio of work for brands like YSL, Nike and River Island that should not be missed. Welcome to the family, Sarah!

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Ben Khan | Youth


BRTHR are masters of a stream-of-consciousness approach to film making, firing a quick succession of breathtakingly unique and stylised imagery and never letting you pause to ponder before hitting you again. This approach has been to new heights in this film for Ben Khan.

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Pixmania | Pixmaniacs

By Terry Hall

All shot completely in camera, this ad harks to an era where planning, and not ‘fixing it in post’ was relied upon in order to create a great visual effect. The combination of superb art direction, smooth camera movements, performance and some fantastic timing, the result is subtle and yet impressive.

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Lily Allen | Air Balloon

By That Go

Lily is back on form, and with tongue firmly in cheek she and That Go have treated us to some fun and carefree abandon. We’re big fans of both Space Jesus and mycology here at Friend – what’s not to like about that combination?

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Goldieblox | Girls

By Sean Pecknold

Quickly gaining cult status, this spot for toys that encourage girls to get involved with engineering struck a chord all over the world. The combination of the soundtrack, the devilishly clever Rube Goldberg-style machine and the overall theme really invited discussion. Best of all it’s really sweet and full of joie de vivre.

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Sunday Times | Incredible Edibles

By Alphabetical Order

In a blitz of delicious colour and form we see Gizzie Erskine smash a set of dishes that she deems unworthy of inclusion into her collection of recipes compiled in the Sunday Times. Some excellent slow motion destruction and cunning use of everyday objects as the tools that facilitated it, this one is super fun [...]

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London Grammar | Nightcall

By Andre Chocron

In a seamless, circular tracking shot we are presented with a series of tableaux that change with each pass, revealing themes of loneliness and the idea of breaking free from a static existence. With some very atmospheric experimental lighting and some truly unexpected moments, this video represents another great technical and visual achievement for André.

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Nike | Air Max 90

By ManvsMachine

The Air Max is one of the most recognisable footwear shapes of the latter part of the 20th Century, has become a cultural icon and a key addition to wardrobes of people from all walks of life. This film encapsulates the materials, colours and futuristic feel that the shoe embodies with some excellent visuals.

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Inpes | Free

By Kristoffer Borgli

Dynamic, unpredictable and full of life, much like the young people that feature, this film explores the idea of choice during formative years and how we’re all free to choose our experiences with a little bit of carefree abandon. The choices made are generally fleeting – apart from one.

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FRANCE 5 | Idents

By Alphabetical Order

In continuation of the set of idents preceding these, we see visual symmetry and parallels in movement all neatly packaged up in a visually arresting format.

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Converse | Made To Light Up

By Focus Creeps

A cinematic approach that blends high-end visuals with analog video, the Creeps once again demonstrate their ability to capture action which feels of-the-moment and has a natural flow. We trail a group of youngbloods having a fun time on the streets of London wearing sneakers in Converse’s range of glow-in-the dark products.

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