Paul Herrmann

Born and raised in a small village near Frankfurt, now based in Berlin, self-taught director Paul Herrmann started out in the world of skateboarding which consequently lead to his first steps into filmmaking. At the age of 24, Paul has already collaborated with international brands such as Fendi, Prada, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas and many more.

Cultivating is a Sixth Sense


Cultivating is a Sixth Sense

The Thrill of Progress

Tag Heuer

The Thrill of Progress

High Snobiety

Beats by Dre

High Snobiety


Renew Yourself


The Right of Joy


The Right of Joy

I Thought I Was You

Paul Herrmann

I Thought I Was You

Vision For The Future


Vision For The Future

FW '22 Cyber Fantasy

Versace Jeans Couture

FW ‘22 Cyber Fantasy